"Your talk ", I said, " is surely the handiwork of wisdom, because not one word
of it did I understand" Flann -O'Brien


Some quip. I wondered what wisdom there was in having the brass to call this journal, " literary ", but I needn't have worried once the first few submissions came in. After numerous, spluttering stop-starts, the pieces began to flow and out of it came what is here'th'be'there'now The Mouldy Bike. There is a certain wisdom in naming your novel, piece or whatever have you after the work is done. I can't remember heeding this with The Mouldy Bike, to be honest. The name of the journal and its contents are, I think anyway, in concord together, the earliest pieces received almost informing the spirit of the editorial. Two things were very humbling. One, sifting through the quality of the work that make up the finished article was incredible, there's some brilliant humour and honesty in the pieces. Two, the good patience of Orla, Anna, Sam, Alex, the writers and more. I owe ye talented bunch, big time! Alack, I'm going to leave it there because you need to get going on these literary steamboats. I may have bored you already. But stay awhile longer! This is the good stuff. It blew me away and it will blow you away too. We will be back again in the coming months for some more Mouldy Bike adventures, so do't read them too fast! Here is a presentation of the young Irish talent out there that is oftentimes disappointingly underrepresented. Oh, and we are running a little competition. To the person who can find the most typos in the following pieces, we will reward you with a non-redeemable €100 voucher for O'Nolan's Bicycle Emporium who have branches in every county town in the country as per the latest So You're Tracing Your Irish Roots (1987)," Saddle-up and Get Your Asses Down to O' Nolan's Bicycle Emporium ". To the runner-up, you shall be richly rewarded with a position at The Mouldy Bike Press, as an Intern Editor. Your publishing career looks green.

Good luck!

- William Gilsenan